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Saturday, March 21, 2009

I've had some fun!

Last Spring I bought a Decent digital Camera.
After 36 years, I retired my Nikon F2S2 (pending repair?). I After Viewing the options, I selected a Nikon D60.

This Blog will be hopefully a commentary on my experiences and travels. Both past and future adventures.

My Most Recent outing was the March 14th, 2009. It was a short 45 minute Drive east when We spotted our 1st photo op. West of Oakdale, California on Rodden Road, sits on top of a hill a castle.

This was a very fantasy looking image and of the several shots I took I picked his one as the best of the batch.

From there we Continued up the road eastward bypassing, the community of Oakdale, and continuing to the small town of Knight's Ferry. The Downtown District is a few buildings from the late 1800's. There is a General Store, Post Office, Hotel, Deli and Saloon. The highlight of this area is the many Riverside Parks.

Stanislaus River Parks

When we got to Covered Bridge Park, it was early afternoon. We found the hillside almost covered in freshly opened wildflower.



I also like to shoot close up photos.

The breeze was very light, So I tried to make a shot and while I had several that turned out sharp and clear, The one I liked the best just the opposite :

I have about 10 photos more to add to my Flickr pages when I get a chance to edit the images a little bit better.

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