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Friday, March 27, 2009

Choices? Choices! Photo Opportunities!

The Weekend Cometh! (and Options Abound)

This is when I start to make plans for the weekend. This is often difficult because I work six days a week. I normally only get one day off a week, and after 38 years on the job I have worked my way up to getting that one day off on Sunday.

So What do I do on Sunday? The two choices which are running tied for 1st place is either Pinnacles National Monument [ http://www.nps.gov/pinn/ ] or Yosemite National Park [http://www.nps.gov/yose/]. There is a close second or third choice (if you are counting) in the running and that's Point Lobos State Reserve [http://pt-lobos.parks.state.ca.us/].

All three sites are well discussed on several sites and blogs. The real choices may end up fully dependent on the weather conditions the chances of me getting one of those "Personal Days Off" which I receive in lieu of paid holidays.

All three sites are interesting. My own leanings are to go to the Pinnacles, especially if I can get one of those "personal days". The truth is my wife will also get a vote and she will certainly want to go someplace. My real assignment is to make the outing something special. (for both of us.)

The current plan is to leave as early in the afternoon Saturday as I can get away from work. The Plan is to have the car is packed and tank filled. All the camera batteries are charged, tripods loaded.

The ice chest with water should be all set to go, sandwiches and pasta salad will be picked up as we leave, and the snakes foods like apples, string cheese, granola bars and crackers easy to pack. Already I have double checked the 1st aid kit.

This sort of Stuff is easy because we have discovered the easy way to be packed to go is never fully unpack and put away all stuff.

Anyway, my next blog entry should be a report on the outing with pictures.

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