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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Poppies and Colors

DSC_3738, originally uploaded by jestrbob.

Well This is the easy part. A late season cold front started through yesterday afternoon, as I was getting off of work. The front brought cold winds and rain for much of the afternoon. The weather today is still gusty winds and scattered showers. The Gusts are 20-30mph. Not really conducive to taken pictures of wildflowers or wildlife.

So I spent yesterday evening looking at some more of those Knights Ferry shots. I found this one hiding among the hundreds of shots I took. of various clusters of poppies. While this is typical of many the shot it sort of jumped at me a bit more than the rest. The Cluster is compact and most of the blooms are open and there isn't too many seedpods formed yet.

One of the thing I tend to forget is that California Poppies are Orange and too much orange in a in an image won't make a pretty image.

As shown in this photo, the Blue/Purple Lupines are over powered by the orange from the out of focus poppies in the background. So folks watch those background colors even if the are out of focus.

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