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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pinnacles National Monument and Good Cameras

DSC_4115, originally uploaded by jestrbob.

Well everyone, I promised an update from the outing. this is one of the fine wildflowers found this weekend at Pinnacles National Monument 35 miles south of Hollister, California,

This was a great get away, just barely a 90 mile drive from home. the park is located in the coastal range of California.

This image is a case of getting closer. This small flower is about 3/8 of an inch across. Most all the wildflowers were next to the trail and in abundance. This High Peaks trail was good hike. The trail is rated Strenuous and one should be able to at least walk 4-8 miles in inclined territory.

There are several different Trails and all of them have their own sights to see. This time of the year of the year the grass is green and everything is growing. In a few months everything will be dry and the temperatures will soar from a mid-sixties to mid seventies to 100+ degrees. Even with the cooler temperatures the need to carry water on all trails is a requirement.

This is a friendly park with lots to different hikers on the trails.

One of the people we met on the trail, mentioned the nice camera were we using.

I replied, they are great cameras. Great, because they were the ones we were using.

You see, I have the opinion that any camera can be a great camera. The skill in getting a good picture is determined by the skill of the person using the camera, and how hard the person is willing to work to develop the skill to know what will make a great shot. The fact it is it takes the willingness to use the camera which will in time and with hard work allow you to know when you are at the right place to get the good shot. A camera that is sitting in a closet, will never be a good camera because it is not being used.

Even worse the person who owns the unused camera will never have chance to develop the skill to use the camera. Taking pictures is easy. Taking good pictures is a skill which needs to be developed over time.

So folks grab your camera and use them.

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