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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Path to be Explored?

The Path to be Explored?

DSC_3914, originally uploaded by jestrbob.

I hope this is a somewhat timely point to make. During a recent Camera Club meeting a question was asked towards the end of the meeting:

"Where do you decide to take photos? "

I would be willing to bet, questions like this get asked at nearly every camera shop, and club meeting.

Well, the best answer I could come up with is go somewhere and take your camera. When you get to where ever you are going, get out of your car and start taking pictures. (really don't be afraid to stop in route and explore)

If the "Wide Angle lens can't find anything interesting, then take a stab using your telephoto lens.

What if you still don't see anything interesting?

That's a real possibility. It has happened to me. Nothing caught my eye.

Try a close up lens.

Get down. Change the level you are viewing the scene

Get close. Try out a close up lens

Look for weed blooms, insects, or just the texture of the ground and rocks.

The path is just an opportunity. It is up to you to explore the path.

Sometimes you have to stop and just wait. The wildlife will often return. Sometimes the wildlife is hard to see.


This image is an example of something I drive by everyday, and only considered making an image on second thought.

I actually bought my wife an used Cannon XT and this was a chance to get her used to taking photos.

The whole idea was to get her to take the pictures without worrying a lot of fuss. She managed to get a great shot of the one of these birds landing. I never did.

The entire idea is to get up and go somewhere. Take your camera and shoot.
Or even stay in and set up flowers in a vase or pot, and shoot the picture.

The only way to learn to take a good photograph is to start taking photographs.

Learn by experience.

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