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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chia 'Pet' and other Blooms.

Thanks To Deborah and Wendy for the help in identifying the Bush Poppy in my last blog.

DSC_4128, originally uploaded by jestrbob.

Flower identification can sometimes be difficult You can only carry so much gear and the Pinnacles National Monument is a not collecting area.

So all we can do is take pictures and drawings. Well, I never been able to draw very well. (it may have something to do with being left handed. Or maybe I have never applied myself to develop the skill). Anyway, I did see several neat and small flowers along the trail.

These guys were about mid-way up the slope (1200feet) and in the full sun. After a quick and careful scan of a couple books, I figured out is the bloom of Chia [Salvia Columbaria]

Another Neat Flower I found was these delicate looking things.

May guess is this is a Foothill Saxifrage [Saxifraga californica]

Another wildflower that was in abundance Was this woody looking plant.

This is the Nightshade Plant[Solanum umbelliferum]

It is farily well scattered throughout the park. The masses of purple blooms are very eye catching.

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